PhD in Performance Studies


Photo credit  Yulia Yurasova

Photo credit Yulia Yurasova


Bio: Caitlin Marshall is a Postdoctoral Associate in Theatre History & Performance Studies at the University of Maryland College Park. An American theater historian, her research concerns 19th century drama, and popular genres like blackface minstrelsy, sideshow, dramatic readings, scientific lectures, extravaganza, and musical performance. Her manuscript in progress, " 'Power in the Tongue:' Staging America in Red, White, and Black" takes up the metaphor of voice in American democracy, and analyzes how  performances of sonic whiteness, blackness, and redness recorded, reproduced, and contested a soundtrack of citizenship. Her writing is published in Postmodern Culture, SoundingOut!, and Twentieth Century Music. An artist/scholar and classically trained vocalist, she specializes in new play development, devised work, sound based performance, and musical theatre, and deploys practice based research as a scholarly methodoloy.